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Christmas Giveback

We would like to invite those that can to participate in a 'Christmas Giveback' to help support others at Christmas time. There will be two separate collections, one of brand new toys for Glasgow North Baby Foodbank and one for Queen's Park and Govanhill Foodbank. A few of our porches will be open from 1 December to 20 December where donations of the following items can be dropped off. You can donate one thing, or several items, or not at all - this is all optional!

Toy Donation:

1 - 6 Dec - Brand new toys for children. Wrapped if possible but please indicate the age range on the gift tag

Grocery/Toiletries Donation:

Reverse Advent calendar begins - Donations do not need to be given on a specific day - any item on any day works just fine:

7 Dec - Tinned fish

8 Dec - Instant Coffee/Tea

9 Dec - Tinned Ravioli/macaroni cheese

10 Dec - Shower Gel

11 Dec - Fruit Juice/Squash

12 Dec 'treat' breakfast cereal

13 Dec - tinned meat including stews, curries, chilli

14 Dec - shampoo/conditioner

15 Dec - chocolate biscuits

16 Dec - longlife desserts eg custard , rice pudding

17 Dec - toilet rolls

18 Dec - tinned fruit/veg

19 Dec - spreads eg Nutella/Jam

20 Dec - toothbrushes/toothpaste

Where to deliver:

Open porches at:

111 Woodstock

123 Woodstock

26 Midlothian

34 Ravenswood

40 Ravenswood

Thank you!