1. What is the Waverley Park Collective (WPC)?

The Waverley Park Collective is a group of residents working together to improve the community. We are not an official residents association and we do not have a statutory function. There's no formal membership nor does the WPC attempt to represent a whole community (which is the role of statutory bodies such as the Council). As a constituted group, we can apply for funding for projects such as the Liveable Streets project

2. What is the aim of WPC?

The aim is to help make Waverley Park an even better place to live, work and move. Anyone can suggest an activity in line with this aim, and people will support you to run with it. Already dozens of residents have been involved in organising activities such as the Play Out, Waverley Weekend, Wicked Windows, Advent Windows, cycling training and lane clean ups.


Details of the constitution can be found here.

3. How did the WPC form?

Two groups of residents based on Dinmont and Ravenswood shared similar interests in activities and traffic concerns. In 2019 we agreed to join forces and adapt the constitution of the Dinmont group. We retained the 'Waverley Park Collective' name as this reflected that some of the activities are of wide interest and appeal.

4. How do I get involved?

Just contact us. You might have an idea for a community event, or just offer to help deliver leaflets - however you want to get involved we would be delighted if you can help. We are all part of the Waverley Park Community and we support each other!

5. What is the involvement of the WPC in the Liveable Streets project?

The Liveable Streets project is jointly steered by Glasgow City Council (Roads authority) and Sustrans (funder), supported by WPC. This steering group sets up the governance and funding structure in order to ensure the project listens to the priorities of the community and acts on them. This 'bottom - up' process enjoys the support of all 4 sitting ward councillors.  Additional information on this project can be found on the Liveable Streets  website

Get involved to help achieve the Aim

Our objectives to achieve our aims are to:

  1. Deliver events and activities that strengthen community spirit;

  2. Make the streets feel safe and attractive for all ages and abilities to live, learn, and move independently; and

  3. Ensure that what affects the community is driven by the community, not imposed on it.

How you can

Get Involved


If you would like to help children and adults cycle more often or you simply want to join our social rides...


If you enjoy helping with events and meeting people or you have an idea...

Liveable Streets

If you can help us make the streets feel safe for everyone to live, learn and move on...

Bring your own expertise

If you have group organisation experience, you have another skill to offer, or you simply want to meet new people...