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of Ravenswood Drive residents say rat-running traffic should not be on their street

As the area's street most affected by traffic volume, speed and pollution, we surveyed all adults (over 16yrs) on Ravenswood Drive to seek their views first.

We received 49 responses from 36 different households (65% of the 55 households on the street - we included corner homes). People completed the survey online, or on paper. The survey was open from June 19th to November 7th 2017 notified by email and flyer.

We have summarised some results and comments here. To find out what else people said, open the full results in the pdf attachments or contact us for a printed copy.


say it is unsafe for children to play and travel on Ravenswood Drive because of traffic


say it is unsafe for children to cycle on Ravenswood Drive because of traffic


say BOTH traffic VOLUME and SPEED are problems

What people said about traffic...

most popular words

"If we could resolve the traffic issues, this would be a wonderful street"

"Cars driving at ridiculous speeds...shocking for a residential area"

"I do not let my children go out of the garden unsupervised due to the speed...[of] cars"

"This is a residential street... the noise pollution is unacceptable"

"We feel unable to get to know folk due to not wanting to be out at the front of the house with the kids due to traffic."

"Air quality has deteriorated due to the large volume of traffic"

"I have had 4 cars damaged when parked outside my home"

"Our neighbour's car was written off." 

"I witnessed a child knocked from their bike"

"people speeding aggressively up to cyclists and sounding their horns to try and intimidate them"

"drivers getting out of their cars threatening violence to each other, arguing and swearing"

"In rush hour the problem is volume and reckless, impatient driving. During the day it is speeding vans and trucks. At night, boy racers use it as a racetrack"

"On a bike I and my children are regularly cut up, driven at and shouted at by aggressive or impatient drivers."

"My daughters are 4 and 2. Getting my children in and out of the car is terrifying"

"the fundamental problem is that people use the street as a major through route"

"Both my wife and daughter have been verbally abused by parents who park blocking us our property"

"I see buses and lorries, who have no business here, using the street as a shortcut"

"Witnessed near misses with school children and a friend's car mirror being smashed off by a passing speeding vehicle"

"Cars drive at extreme speeds at all hours of day and night. Very disruptive to sleep even with double glazing"

"Parking on pavements makes playing difficult for kids in the upper part of Ravenswood"

"The elderly struggling to cross the road, fearful of the speed of traffic."

The living environment


said reducing traffic

volume & speed is the no1 priority to improve 

the living environment

most popular words

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